Are you worried about slipping on the ice this winter?

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Are you worried about slipping this winter?

ice fall prevention


Falling on the ice can leave you red in the face with embarrassment. It can also put you in an ambulance on your way to the hospital. There are many simple steps you can take to help prevent any slip and falls this icy season.


#1, Walk like a penguin. It may feel silly but walking like a penguin will help you out in a few ways. Taking the shorter steps will keep your center of gravity on the front leg and close to the body. This in turn lowers the risk of a foot slipping out. This style of walking also allows you to land on a flat foot, increasing your traction on the ground.


#2, Keep your walkways clear. It is quite simple; if you get rid of the ice than it is not there to slip on. Putting down salt or sand early is a great way to melt the ice and lower the risk of slipping. If you find yourself near an icy surface, walking in the snow right next to it will provide more traction than the ice will.


#3, Take extra caution. After a storm hits, it is important be cautious and test your surroundings. Tap your foot on icy looking surfaces to get an idea on how much traction there is and stay close to a handrail if possible.


#4, Lighten your load. Excessive baggage and weight can throw your balance off and make you more susceptible to a fall. A lighter boot will also decrease your risk of that heavy boot from sliding forward.


#5, Improve your balance with exercise. Although you can’t control the weather, if you improve your balance and coordination before the storm you will lower the risk of falls. Talk to your chiropractor about simply exercises to improve your coordination and balance early.


These 5 easy steps will go a long way keeping you safe from falls this slippery winter.