Headache sufferer? There may be an answer with the correct care

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Who has been told it’s just migraine or just a headache? Thousands of Canadians are told this and don’t do anything about it. The interesting thing is so many of these people could have and can still be helped!


Headaches and migraines are often confused as the same thing. This confusion becomes problematic because the sufferer does not know where to turn. After reading this we hope to help you find the right place to get the right treatment.


There are many different types of headaches and each one has a different treatment. Some are treated with chiropractic, some with natural remedies, some through relaxation; medication and some are a trip to the emergency room.


Let’s start with migraines because these often result in a trip to the emergency room. Migraines are often one-sided headaches that can come with an aura and a sensitivity to light, sound or smell. They can be throbbing and often debilitating causing nausea and vomiting. We often hear of people that have to stop and sleep until these pass. Migraines can also be cued by a trigger such as a certain food or drink. Two individuals best treat this headache. Your family physician has great knowledge in the proper medication to help balance the symptoms through medicine or your naturopath has the same ability with natural herbs and supplements to keep the symptoms away.


The tension headache. This headache is as it sounds, a headache from tension that causes a pressure around the skull. It is a dull ache like wearing a hat that is too tight. This can be provoked by stress and muscle tension. Unlike a migraine, a physician or naturopath does not best treat it. This type of headache is best treated by a massage therapist or through yoga. These two techniques are an excellent way to reduce stress and tension in your neck.


The neck/spine headache. This type of headache is often misdiagnosed as a migraine. It is similar that it affects one side of the head, but it does not come with an aura or sensitivity to light. This is the type of headache can come from many sources in the head, neck or spine and therefore is best treated through chiropractic. A full assessment is necessary to determine the source and resolve the symptoms.


The thunderclap headache. This headache is named after a “clap of thunder” because that is how quickly and aggressive it presents. It is powerful and catches your attention immediately. It is also a dangerous headache that is caused by a brain bleed like a stroke. This type of headache requires immediate emergency care.


From the list of just 4 common headaches, you can understand there is more to “it’s just a headache” or “it’s just a migraine.” These are important events to have assessed by your chiropractor to determine the best plan of care.