Sick of an achy back after carrying your purse?

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Hack my back purse and handbag tips

Ladies' handbag on a white background

Are you sick and tired of an achy neck and back after carrying your purse? Are you carrying your whole world in your handbag and extra just in case? Carrying too much in your purse and handbag can be detrimental to your neck and back. Not only does it wear away at your body, it is avoidable by following these tips.



  1. Carry no more than 10% your body weight. Choose a purse that is proportionate to your body size and no larger. Avoid carrying more than what is needed.
  2. Several pockets. Choose a bag with several smaller pockets to distribute the weight, instead of one large compartment.


  1. Pack to ensure the weight is distributed evenly. Do not overload one pocket and keep the heavier things in pockets closer to your body.
  2. Change the size and weight once in a while. Variety will allow your body to get a rest if you are going from the office to a night on the town. Different purses or wallets for different events is great for customizing what you actually need at that time.


  1. Switch before you ache. Switch the shoulder you are carrying your purse or handbag before you start to ache or feel stiff. When this happens, you are playing catch up, instead of prevention.
  2. Square your shoulders. Many people have the habit of lifting their shoulder on the side the purse is carried to keep the strap from slipping. Either find a strap that is less likely to slip or help hold it comfortably with your hand.
  3. Maintain good posture. When standing, your head, shoulders, hips and ankles should line up comfortably above the other.


Follow these hints to keep that purse and handbag from becoming a headache!

By following these simple strategies, it’s easy to lighten your load.