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Before your first visit, complete the appropriate form found under the “Forms” menu.  If you are unable to print the paperwork, please come to your initial appointment 15 minutes early so you can thoroughly fill it out.


What to Expect – Chiropractic


Your First Visit – Approximately 45-60 Minutes


After filling out your initial paperwork, you will be brought to the examination room where Dr. Joel will thoroughly review your health history, your chief complaint and areas of your life that may be affecting your health.  Dr. Joel will explain how chiropractic care works and the relationship between your spine and your health.  It is important for you understand how our office operates, just as it is important for us to understand your health challenges and goals so we know you are in the right place. Once the consultation is complete we will commence a comprehensive examination.

A comprehensive examination will begin with computerized testing. Dr. Joel utilizes state of the art technology to test the health of you spine and your nervous system. He utilizes this objective measure to generate your health score. Follow up testing will continue to make sure things are changing in the right direction.

A physical examination will follow to allow us to determine the areas of your body that need the most attention.  Each of us has our problem areas that need more attention such as arthritic joints or discs.  We are testing for spinal dysfunction that can cause nerve irritation. Spinal dysfunction can cause your spine to break down at an increased rate and lead to conditions like degenerative disc disease.

The components of the physical exam include: neurological assessment, structural analysis, palpation analysis, orthopedic testing and range of motion.

In certain cases, further imaging may be required. If this is the case for you, a spinal x-ray may be necessary to rule out other pathologies that may mimic the symptoms you are experiencing.

The goal of the first appointment is to determine the current state of health of your body and nerve system, and what needs to be done to move you towards optimal health.

Upon completion of the first visit Dr. Simpson will review your test results and prepare a care plan made specifically for you.


Ongoing care


Beginning during your second visit, Dr. Joel will have compiled all the results from your testing and any x-rays that were required. This will allow him to create the best plan of care possible individualized to you.



What to Expect – Naturopathy


Your first visit – 60-90 minute initial visits


After filling out your initial paperwork, you will be brought to the examination room where Dr. Ashley will review your health history. This history is focused on the assessment of the whole person. This includes but is not limited to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. The health history is followed by a physical assessment in order to properly diagnose, treat and prevent disease by natural means. In certain cases, further imaging and testing may be required by a local lab facility in the area. With this information, Dr. Ashley will be able to generate a diagnosis, treatment, alternatives, cost, expected benefits, possible side effects and consequences of no treatment.



On going care – 30-45 minute appointments


Follow up visits occur in order to monitor the results of care. Each individual is unique, and these appointments are scheduled when Dr. Ashley deems it appropriate in order to properly monitor the progress of treatment.